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3towers Observatory Lunar Features: Albategnius - Cleomedes

All images are oriented with the Lunar North at the top and the Lunar West to the left. The Lunar features are usually listed by their Latin names as taken from Rukl 2004.

(See also The Lunar 100)

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Lunar Feature Lunar Age in days (rounded down) Thumbnail Image Comments
Albategnius 7.6 days Albategnius  
Albategnius 8 days Albategnius Albategnius is the crater with the smaller crater Klein on its Southwest rim. The three craters to the left (West) of it are Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus, and Arzachel, respectively, from North to South.
Anaximander and Pythagoras 13 days Pythagoras is the crater with a central peak. North of lies Anaximander and to the East of Anaximander is J. Herschel.
Anaximander and Pythagoras 13.1 days  
Aristillus 9 days Aristillus is the crater near the center of the image. Just below it is Autolycus. Near the upper right hand corner of the image is Aristotle. At the bottom of the image is the large crater Archimedes, and Plato is in the upper left hand corner.
Aristillus and Autolycus 9.6 days  
Aristotles 7.6 days  
Aristoteles and Eudoxus 7.7 days Aristoteles and Eudoxus 7.7 days  
Aristoteles 8 days  
Aristoteles and Eudoxus 16 days  
Aristoteles and Eudoxus 18 days  
Arzachel 9.5 days  
Babbage, Harpalus 13 days Babbage is the large flat crater with two central inner craters. North of Babbage is Pythagoras. South of Babbage is Oenopides and Markov. In the lower right hand corner are Harpalus and Foucault.
Bailaud 6.97 days Bailaud 6.97 days  
Beaumont 5.4 days Beaumont is the crater in the center of the image.  The large crater near the bottom of Mare Nectaris is Fracastorius.
Billy 25.7 days Billy is the flooded crater with a very dark floor.
Boussingault and Hemholtz 16 days  
Bullialdus 9.95 days Bullialdus 9.95 days  
Capuanus 26.66 days Capuanus lies in the center of the image on the southern portion of Palus Epidemiarum across which runs the Hesiodus Rille.
Cassini 7.6 days  
9 days Cassini is the crater to the left of center. It has two prominent inner craters. The Caucasus Mountains are East of Cassini. North of Cassini are Eudoxus and Aristotle. The two craters on the lower edge of the image are Aristillus and Autolycus.
Cavendish, Vieta 12 days Mare Humorum is partially visualized in the upper right hand corner of the image. Vieta is the deep crater left of center. North of Vieta is Cavendish with a smaller crater on its South rim. Near the top of the image is the crater Mersenius.
Cleomedes 16 days Cleomedes is the crater in the center of the picture. A portion of Mare Crisium is shown South of (below) Cleomedes.